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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Rebecca Taylor

      crazy zebra

    2. Geri Cordero

      :O can the beta fish be my fish's friend? my fish's name is mac and cheese lmaoo.

    3. basketballgirl

      michel sis wrong about the girlfrind christan dont have sex until they are married

    4. Lyske Koehoorn

      What about asexual people they get married to like wtf

    5. levina

      okay but michaels girlfriend is prettyyyy



    7. Mama Bear

      Awwwww Michael is awesome

    8. Haily Laracuente

      I freakin love Calvin and Michel arguments 😂😭😭💀✋🏼

    9. Angel Imogen

      What if you live 9 hours away in England and go THIER I for a day

    10. Hi Hi


    11. Kristina Gonzales

      I agree

    12. Munchies M

      Carry Zebra

    13. Tesia Zio

      me already lives in California and is not that far from la so doesn’t need to fly anywhere for the coffee thing 👁👄👁

    14. Amelia Atwood

      Did you know that you could date your doppelgänger

    15. Two Weirdos

      What if you held hands and gave each other a piggyback

    16. Ava Malfoy

      Crazy zebra

    17. christian alamo

      crazy zebra

    18. Nattalie Davidow

      Crazy zebra

    19. Aubrey Reeves

      Crazy zebra

    20. charlotte rose

      I have a boy friend but I'm 12

    21. Sky

      u are the best thomas

    22. Teena Villagomez

      Crazy zebra 🦓🦓🦓🦓🦓

    23. Curlyhead Mimi

      Crazy zebra

    24. Mikayla Shelton

      crazy zebra

    25. Lilly Muchiri

      Crazy zebra

    26. Eszter Smith

      I’m with Calvin on this one...

    27. Drew Carmichael

      Where’s chase?

    28. Kavita Hosein

      Micheal is so sweet💖

    29. Brook Ryan

      Crazy zebra

    30. Tannya Galvan

      Are u and Mia planning to have a child in the future? Yes or no?

    31. Angela Bishop


    32. Brianna Whyte

      Michael makes these vlogs for me man😂 just makes my day man🙏🏼❤️

    33. Bella's thoughts

      Trying to be Emma Chamberlain

    34. Taya Knight

      Crazy zebra

    35. Among Lilly

      Mia and kovur are my fav ppl

    36. Shawny

      Micheal made the horse moo lol

    37. Little Been

      Crazy zebra

    38. Hey Its jade

      Can you send your coffee to Trinidad

    39. Destiny McKinnon

      Crazy Zebra 🖤🦓

    40. Maddie Loserrr

      Nai and Vinnie handcuffed for 24 hours

    41. Selena Tyson

      Thomas make naliea and avani meet each other

    42. Aubrey Graceful

      Merch Idea! on a hoodie or something, put “alright bye” cuz u say that at the end of every video

    43. Jendi Thompson

      "Mia turned me into lilhuddy" y'all that's hilarious xD

    44. Tia Thandi

      Micheals claim is stupid ngl

    45. Esperanza Leonor-Sanchez

      Crazy zebras

    46. Jaedyn Dowdy

      Crazyee Zebra

    47. Desirae Pinkston

      Vsnsjvzshshgdjsjhndjdjdgxhjdhhdhdjdsnnznznznsjsbssnjsh Michael:I can't spell that

    48. Jordann Owings

      crazy zebra

    49. Blake Heim-sherwood

      why tf is Michal stroking the horses hair-

    50. roxanne garcia

      the statement about needing to have sex with your girlfriend that makes them a “real” girlfriend is fucking disgusting. literally grow up. men like Michael make me afraid to date men.

    51. jenifer henriquez

      crazy zebra

    52. Hannah Ventigan

      CRaAZY Zebra

    53. Kalin Emmert-Baucom

      No one Literally no one Not even my teacher watching me type this Me: what happened to Vinnie he is not in any of the videos where is he is he alive pls tell me he is

    54. Makenah Braga

      You guys should get a huge fish tank

    55. Tony J Tang

      You and Mia should Wach we can be hero’s

    56. chyann payne

      Lol man they are running out of content the last 15 videos from his channel are terrible lol

    57. Lilly Rose

      Crazy Zebra

    58. Leilani IbarraGarcia

      Thomas’s laugh is EVERYTHING😂

    59. Jaaved Ali

      is it just me or does micheal just force the friendship lol jk

    60. Reese’s Corner

      Thomas: im lil huddy Michal:i dont care about lil hooody rn

    61. Dean Cummings

      Crazy Zebra 🦓🦓

    62. cheerleader321

      Teeehee I know for a fact I’m not the only person who heard he was going to choose a couple of people who by smack to come fly out to la and visit them for a day and I asked my parents right always if I could by it😂😂 I know I wasn’t the only one

    63. tiktokmashup

      Man if I got to fly out I do not want my parents with me they are so mean and annoying 😂

    64. tiktokmashup

      Why dose thomas have Shrek hands😂😂

    65. Allie Johnson

      I love how his vlogs are mostly Michael content

    66. My nAmE iS Felisiaa mpou

      i love Michael so much i just cant

    67. Ccs67 Student

      at 6:27 i have the same pet fish she is blue and her name is blue maobo like if you like the name or reply for more name i should name my pet fish

    68. Raymart Barcelo

      666 comments and 333k veiwa

    69. zac klein

      hes not wrong tho if he didnt smash

    70. Zap Zap ZOMBIEE

      Why is TPEE not in prison yet?

    71. Kendall Spencer

      Where’s Mr. Hacker? Hahaha

    72. John Paul Gutierrez

      emma chamberlain is the only youtuber who can own a coffee brand im sorry....

    73. Lydi P

      i want to be friends with micheal ahahaah

    74. yareli rodriguez

      sweat home alabama 👍🏽😎

    75. Rosalina Gray

      Why is Michael so smart?

    76. Rosalina Gray

      Why is Michael so smart?

    77. Ewurama Osei

      crazy zebra

    78. Eric and Charity

      Crazy zebra

    79. Mxsh Mxsh

      If only i lived in usa

    80. Mariam Kshem

      Crazy Zebra!

    81. Nathan Todd

      Didn't Alexa post this same video in 2019.

    82. Abbie Jennings

      Crazy Zibra

    83. Alysien Jossler

      Crazy zebra

    84. Silia Fnt


    85. Leah

      1:18 has meee deaddddddd 🤣😭💀

    86. Maryjane Rodriguez

      why tf does Thomas remind me of Stefan for the vampire diary

    87. Elaina Moran

      Tell chase to come be in the vlog

    88. Sha Weasley

      I’m am still confused because Calvin was live on tiktok riding is motorcycle and then he ended his live...

    89. jackie wilcox

      i’m definitely buying the coffee then cuz i want to hangout with y’all and get drunk and possibly fw vinnie for a night 🤭

    90. Candy Gonzalez

      Crazy zebra

    91. baby Dowdell

      Crazy zebra

    92. genesis quinones


    93. Lunagaytan Triana

      Crazy zebra


      crazy zebria

    95. Deena Tunis

      its ok

    96. Brooklynn Lewers

      I love your videos

    97. Yadira Arnold

      + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be . For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are .

    98. Liiaanna Daniel

      “CRAZY ZEBRA” 👀 🦓 Question for today : WHERE IS VANNIE PACKER

    99. Angela Dlz

      Omg yessir