The Scariest Night Of Our Lives...

Thomas Petrou

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    The Scariest Night Of Our Lives...
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    22. Darlene Castro

      “ fluffy rice” Conner really drove past the cop 😂

    23. Maryam Kayyali

      It would be nice if Thomas bought Calvin a car

    24. Yuvia Fuentes Chang

      fluffy rice :)

    25. Jazzy’s World

      So now all of a sudden this is the scariest night of your life? What about the video with some old hype that was titled “This was the scariest night of are life”?

    26. Zoe Isabella

      Damn I wanna be in hype house there is allways something fun to do

    27. Miley Marin

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    29. Ruth Correa

      fluffy rise mia has the best like words to comment down

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      “Fluffy rice” I love you’re content they make me laugh, and smile.

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      If I lived in LA with y’all I’d be terrified

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    43. Natalia Myers

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    46. Gracie

      I liked the long vlogs more 🥺

    47. Briggs6000

      Thomas that’s just a suttle flex but OK

    48. Emily Fort

      Didn't u already title ur video this

    49. austin tull

      get a hellcat

    50. Pua'ena Estocado

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    58. JJ27DIY

      The first time I looked at this video the thumbnail was Thomas and the second time I went back it was two diff guys. I’m confused

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    66. Maddi MM

      In December 19 come to Qatar 🇶🇦 Its a country and good luck if ur there u will see all the ppl spraying at you and all the ppl setting at top of the Qatar that’s our national Day I wish once you guys come to Qatar

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      The E36 made my day 🤩

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    79. Geo Rose

      What happened to the daily vlogs

    80. Penny


    81. Vayishnavi Sanjeewan

      I haven't read the comments yet so I just noticed that there are 2 videos that have the same title !!!

    82. Khaling Angpu

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    83. sharlieska Ortiz

      Fluffy rice love her ❤️

    84. Kaydance Grant

      Michael is so cute 💗💗💗

    85. PixelCynthia

      Sooo the whole point of this video is you getting pulled iver

    86. Kalpashree A

      CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY IS PATRICK NOT THERE IN THE Hype House anymore i miss him he was so funny and nice he was always with Michael now Michael is with Vinnie

    87. Caitlin Hudson

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    88. Kassi Wardrup

      Can you go back to the old hype house and film it

    89. •Berries• Plays

      yall do some stupid stuff

    90. Brenlie Smith

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    91. Juwan Tariq

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    92. Kendall Stroup

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    93. Penny

      EM posttttt moreeee😭😭

    94. GeGe Bub

      Honestly, do they own the street they were driving in bcs they can stop whenever

    95. jenelisse fernandez

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    96. Itz Nai Nai

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    97. Lisa Repman

      That was awesome I love cars and u guys r so funny makes it even better. Keepem coming @thomaspetrou

    98. Brianna Jones

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    99. lucy olivia

      you don’t understand how long I have wanted to do this. it looks awesome

    100. Emily Head

      pour mia at the beginning