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    1. Lili Dandeo

      My mother is dying of her cancer, and I am completely helpless to do anything. I hope I have not bothered you, but I am very in pain. Come on, so old and my daughter is a baby. We don't have a home.

    2. Aaliyah LeSure

      drippy cactus

    3. Chloe

      I just realized where they gave him the car is like 1 minute away from my house-

    4. Alexis B

      Wow they actually use their stove😲🤭

    5. Brenda Torres

      Thomas in every thumbnail 😮

    6. Roblox Roleplay

      They are on drugs

    7. Sky

      u are the best thomas

    8. Lindsey Porter

      post more content with the rest of hype house

    9. Whing Vilas

      Calvin's voice is SOOOOOO cute!!!>w

    10. Keanna labonte

      At least Michael knows how to hit a ball

    11. phyllis biondi

      I changed my mind ur a good dude

    12. Julia Stephens

      When I heard Calvin say sorry, in my mind I was like I think that was the first time he said sorry without being forced to

    13. John Holland

      pause at 6:44 i call michle the drunk jeasus lol

    14. Macey Helgesen

      i want to hug calvin

    15. Emma michal Emma michal

      The girl he kissed is in his room 🤭

    16. Hey Its jade

      Jake is another version of huddy

    17. McKenna McQuivey

      “Trippy Cactus” I would kill to be friends with all y’all!

    18. Teddy angel Ashley bear

      I'm glad Cowan Center because my life is trash right now so thank you Calvin and I love you guys's videos I love the hypos videos I loved I forgot and let me think about it and I'll tell you

    19. Emma Riddle

      Tricky cactus

    20. Tasmine Cattron

      trippy cactus

    21. Tillie Matthews

      you look like Tyler Hoechlin

    22. jenna anshel

      I love Calvin so I always have Awee he’s so sweet

    23. Emma Gibbs

      Oh so I have to pay

    24. Izzybuzzy Buzzy

      This 13 year old guy got a car from his friend for no reason Random but I don’t care

    25. Karlos Ryan

      Who wants to see mia brade Thomas' hair🤔🤔

    26. antonino saccomanno

      I would love to live in a house that has the same amount of chaos as the Hype House

    27. Ginny NotFound

      how old is mia's brother?

    28. Lila Singer

      Ok but how does Thomas have only 1.9m for his consistent, amazing videos but charli has over 9m and almost never posts- 😐

    29. Ana Lopez

      Calvin looks drug when you start the video

    30. Shirin Mor

      Trippy cactus

    31. Su’Tajah Fuller

      My best friend sucks, I’ve been asking for a Tesla and all I got was encouraging words on saving money !!!! 😭

    32. Emily Guild

      More of the egg throwing with different people

    33. Breez YT

      The part you said to make you guys laugh. It did abs thanks for that tbh 😭😁

    34. lizi liziko

      pls take a video chase sopraithed whit charli plpslplsplspslpls

    35. nailea

      vinnie LITERALLY looked like terminator-

    36. Alysien Jossler

      Trippy cactus

    37. Adam Schleihauf

      thomas can u buy me a car

    38. Mama Bear

      Damn I wish thomas to help pay my credit card debt lols your a freaking gem thomas

    39. farah almukhaini

      ILove you so much guys Hype house

    40. dreamy uni


    41. Little Been

      Trippy cactt

    42. Kaymen Graham

      Calvin seriously has the best personality while in the public eye... just love him!!!

    43. Graice Heredia

      Thomas how will us people that don't have a card or money to join the Hype Club? bc I rlly want to

    44. Graice Heredia

      You have to pay for it? im broke

    45. Allie Sim

      Trippy Cactus 0-0

    46. Razan Awud

      I need old hype House like with charli and chase and addison pls thomas 😭

    47. baby Dowdell

      Tricky cactus

    48. Madison Alexander

      'trippy cactus'

    49. Wolf_girl 2009

      Omg this is honestly the best video EVER!!

    50. Randombeannn

      How is there only 438 comments lmao

    51. Janelise Cosme

      When are you gonna give Avani more Pepsi's or Cokes

    52. Olivia Crotto

      trippy cactus !!

    53. Matthew Parker

      Drippie Cactus

    54. Carmen H.

      Y’all be saying it so cold but ima guess that it was over 50 I had to go outside to do gym this morning in 30 or lower

    55. Sophia Rivera


    56. Hi Girlys

      Awwww the way Michael smiled when Thomas said “and you have a girlfriend” is so cute 🥰

    57. Destinie McCrea

      Trippy cactus

    58. catJAM Maisie Richards

      I'm so dylexic I can't. I read this as "supriseing my friend with Dream" as in the dream SMP dream the mcyt LMAO

    59. LoL

      The holy water meme is a bit old but Calvin make it very good again hhahahahaha

    60. Niki Khullar

      shrimpy? trippy? cactus

    61. Arwen Thijs

      where is Connors pug? I wanna see it so bad

    62. itzrameen

      we NEED a filling nicks room with madisons pictures like rn!

    63. Janelle Fears


    64. Kyleen Cromer

      Trippy cactus

    65. Paige TAYLOR

      Bruh I just clicked on this vid and my 4 year old cousin was like that’s Christophe (from frozen) talking about Calvin 🤣🤣

    66. Jordann Owings

      trippy cactus

    67. Caroline Morris


    68. delizcas76

      Tricky Jackson. Thomas Great video. Grettings from mexico 🇲🇽

    69. Tanijah Crethers

      When will chase be back in the vlogs 🤔

    70. Noah Sabag

      Bro finally he deserves it always loved calvin

    71. Leah Fowler

      But for real tho is thomas the voice of spongebob ???

    72. Leah Fowler

      Can the holy water cure calvin's joke ruining sendrum

    73. Cianna Miranda

      Vinnie needs to be in your vlogs more

    74. Caitlin Costain

      Trippy Cactus

    75. Fadumo Hassan

      shrimpy cactus 🌵

    76. Elizabeth Kosche

      So... Thomas to I have your permission to marry Vinnie?

    77. Tanijah Crethers

      Trippy cactus 🌵

    78. Ewurama Osei

      trippy cactus

    79. Mikayla Shelton

      Shrimpy cactus

    80. Givonn Goring

      im sorry but is that a fucking KATANA

    81. Charlotte Olson

      Hi i really want to join hype club but i can't afford it

    82. Emma Torres

      Ummm I really didn't hear mia that much but what I heard was Shrek eats catfish idk Sooo Shrek eats catfish For mia I guess👍😉💜💜

    83. Laura Edgerton

      Next video , “ sit down talk with Calvin about how he totaled the Tesla”

    84. ❤ilovethehypehouse

      Omg Calvin is funny and Thomas is so kind like I wish I had a friend like Thomas

    85. Will Virgilio

      Go skydiving

    86. Bob `

      PLS- the only i got from my friend was the McDonald's wifi password..

    87. Esme -

      Video idea go see ryland nick and chase

    88. Esme -

      Video idea : go see chase Hudson

    89. Sage Diaz

      trippy cactus

    90. Narreia Lara-rodriguez

      What's the referral code

    91. Jerry Hernandez

      Well first off the joke Calvin made he stole from TikTok and the whole egg thing George janko did first get some original content s

    92. Célina Noël

      Y'all accepting roommate applications?! I would love to live in this house for even just a week with you guys, would be hands down the most EVENTFUL week of my life 😂😂😂😂

    93. alyssa.d

      'Fat Thor from avengers'😂😂😂😂

    94. priella ashu samson

      let's go back 11 months ago that's the day he posted on April 19

    95. emily k

      you wanna know what’s unfair, some of us don’t have money to spend and we enjoy his vlogs etc. and other people’s vlogs. but we have to pay. ik it’s their job but fr

    96. Sushmita Ria

      I just love Thomas❤️

    97. lori-ann cox

      I cant join the hype club it's not working in jamaica

    98. Lucy Freeland

      trippy cactus

    99. Kayla Williams


    100. sunshine sadie

      Q and A with Micheal and his gf