Surprising Alex & Kouvr With The Bahamas!

Thomas Petrou

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    Surprising Alex & Kouvr With The Bahamas!
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    Am Vor 4 Monate


    1. Ironcreeper Will

      Fluffy tomatoes

    2. Marlo Fusimalohi

      Hi Thomas I am a big fan and fluffy potatoes

    3. Mariah Valenzuela

      the way I got an ad and Thomas was promoting it😭


      fluffy tomatoes

    5. Raegan Estrada

      the mickey in the end on the dresser be like: 👁️👄👁️

    6. Nethra


    7. India Haslam

      I have them roller skates but just pink and black

    8. Knight

      Fluffy tomato 🍅

    9. Bailey Rose


    10. scarlette edits

      fluffy tomatoes

    11. Andrea Zuniga Torres

      my brother had a wite one and now a red one he is the coolest brother in the world

    12. Gemma Greer

      is kover smoking

    13. Brianne Swartz

      I swear micheal just hates everyone

    14. deysi garcia

      is it me or i saw kover like reles smoke

    15. Nevaeh Schneider

      michael is so cute but they dont treat him well

    16. Catherine Nicole

      I would like to hang out with Jake for a day, he seems like a good time.. tell him to HMU!

    17. Mycah Thompson

      5:03 kouvr is using a vape 😭😭😭

    18. Lucy Clark

      Omg like wow michel is so fit he's acc stunning hope he never gets a gf cos I want him all to masel iloveyou michel ❤️❤️

    19. Paula Szkudlarek

      fluffy tomatoes

    20. gamer girl

      fluffy tomato

    21. Kawaii _Dinosaur

      This video made me realize how broke l am 👁💧👄💧👁

    22. Maisie Bailey

      fluffy tamatos

    23. Ffion Jones

      why do i ship michal and mia 🙄🥱

    24. Acelynn Rodriguez

      Fluffy tomatoes

    25. gabi garcia

      I was waiting them to crash the car doing drifts.😭

    26. Chloe Bennett

      Did anyone see smoke coming out of kovers mouth

    27. chayce marie

      Am I the only one who saw Conner look threw the sun roof when Mia was in the car 😂

    28. Zejna's World YT

      Omg they went to the bahamas 😮😮😮😮😮😮 its a pandmeic 💅💅💅💅💅 BADDIES 🙄🙄🙄🙄💅💅💅💅

    29. drpampdltjjp

      Fluffy tomato’s (doesn’t that mean they have mold growing on them)

    30. Ava Frost 2024

      Fluffy tomatoes

    31. Shakti Santosh

      In 2:02 are we just gunna ignore the fact about how beautiful the sky looks?

    32. Lilah Swaving


    33. caroline stafford

      Fluffy potatoes

    34. Rylee Privett

      Poor Michael nobody likes him

    35. K_BeAr- K

      Fluffy tomatoes 🍅

    36. Paul Curran

      That rain is normal in Ireland

    37. Jadyn Galyean

      Fluffy tomatoes

    38. Julie Raun petersen

      Is kouver smoking

    39. Sandy Roberts

      When they said michal got his first shower y did it look like kovur was vaping

    40. Maddie Lane

      I love how they get so excited when there’s rain and me living in Washington is like when is there going to be a little sun

    41. Saraya Tikaram

      Fluffy tomatoes 🤣❤

    42. Charity S

      I love Jake’s eyes

    43. joanne hopkinson-richards

      fluffy tomatots

    44. Ethan Mccarthy

      Fluffy tomatoes

    45. Pamela Orozco

      she cute

    46. Familie Hordijk jr.

      You guys need to babysit a kid please

    47. JJ27DIY

      Alex’s face with the ring on kovur 😂

    48. Hayela Gourdet

      Fluffy tomatoes 🍅

    49. Janiya Dixon

      fluffy tomatoes

    50. Pamela Huerta

      fluffy tomato

    51. arleth hernandez

      u guys should do swaping girlfriend's for 24 hour's

    52. Veronica Smith

      ’’fluffy tomatoes’’ i love you guys

    53. Linda Greg

      If u ever hear screeches from a grey car at night u will know who it is lmao

    54. brea_ clark

      Am I the only one who sall the Weiner kn logos

    55. Brooke Hampton

      Fluffy tomatoes

    56. Lily Mahony

      did anyone else see kouvr puff out smoke from her mouth after michael went under the water at 5:03

    57. レイラ

      I always wonder why DEfastsrs make such big deals when they get a girlfriend or they make it super obvious or they ship their friends with new damn people every day its like dude-

    58. Michael Wakley

      dont let patty near it he would drown

    59. Xochil Rathburn

      Honestly Calvin is super attractive:)

      1. Xochil Rathburn

        He’s under rated ❤️😂

    60. Ben Henderson68

      Jesus Is king

    61. Abbby.cupcake

      The best part is that in the background of the Outro you can see the Mickey music

    62. bruce padgett

      Okay did yall see the smoke come out of Kovurs mouth😂

    63. Kurt captain

      U know it going to be a good vid when kover runs in the rain or mai hit Michael

    64. Chloe Manning

      fluffy tomatos


      fluffy tomatoes

    66. Amelia Mae

      fuffy tomatoes

    67. Aisling Kennedy

      Fluffy tomatoes

    68. savannah hayward

      why everyone sleeping on Michael

    69. Annika Mandos


    70. Timo Kets

      05:03 kouvr smoking....

    71. addisongloeq


    72. Brooklynn Scott

      dude donate ur money to charity don't spend it on cars when u have one. our oceans are flooded with oil and plastic. people are dying from droughts and starvation. AND ANIMALS ARE BEING ABUSED AND AND MISTREATED LIKE USE YOUR MONEY FOR SHIT THAT MATTERS YOU HAVE A FUCKING PLATFORM FOR A REASON SPREAD AWARENESS GOD FUCKING DANG

    73. Kat183 Among us

      “I’m good at stuffing things” Me: why do I even watch these videos 😔

    74. Hinkaru

      fluffy tomatos

    75. Tastiest Tots

      hold up is it Connor or paper

    76. Erica churr

      fluffy tomatos

    77. Amidakween

      Fluffy Tomatoes.

    78. Pearl Mediratta


    79. Cheyenne M

      okay but like watching michael so concentrated on drifting was hot. he’s so underrated and it makes me sad

      1. Eman Essadik

        Omg I was going thru the comments to see if someone noticed him driving was so hot

    80. Olivie Bear

      Fluffy tomatoes😅

    81. bailey johnson

      fluffy tomatoes

    82. Brie Cowan

      Michael is by far my favorite person

    83. nat blazed

      without michael half the content wouldn’t be that funny 💯

    84. nat blazed

      MICHAEL is so damn cute i want him🥰

    85. Sylvia Rodriguez

      Jake is literally the funniest person ever

    86. Nicole Cupido

      Is it just me because I'm commenting fluffy 🤣 tomatoes

    87. Gamer Girl E

      Fluffy tomatoes

    88. Airrin Ketrow

      ok but imagine the car they drifted but make it 10 to 15 cars on a dirt track... thats what my childhood was like from April to October every year😂🏁

    89. Ella Tomarchio

      jake is definitly my fav member

    90. Sasha hussain

      Fluffy tomatoes

    91. Emilia Hoggett Crisp

      When they where trying it climb the tree the way the water came out of mias mouth 😂😂😂

    92. Ian Callies

      gamers. all rise, to the gamer national anthem

    93. Ava Costello

      Fluffy tomato

    94. gracie lee

      fluffy tomato

    95. Severus Snape

      Why are they so mean to jake like am I the only one who see’s that

    96. Rhydr Silva

      can i please come to LA and meet u guys please?

    97. 315_ asia

      fluffy tomatos

    98. Taselyn McCauley

      Did you see the smoke or whatever coming from kouvr just kouvr. Is it just me or what

    99. Maria Loeza

      Is chase/lilhuddy not in the hyp house

    100. Fooking Avocados

      “We have a new hobby; How quick can we throw around a Rick” Thomas, if you see this, can you pls quote this and forcably but it on patty’s door?