Nikita and I got in a fight...

Thomas Petrou

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    Nikita and I got in a fight...
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    1. Thomas Petrou

      If you want to watch the extended & uncut version of the vlog it's on right now!

      1. Beth Cooksey

        @Isabella Monroe how much is it

      2. It’s just Jamz

        I could but I don’t have a credit card

      3. Celine

        Next time when u have a new car put Tokyo drift song

      4. beth matthews

        is it 20 dollars monthly or just one time?

      5. J Champion


    2. Lailani Bellamy

      Sweep lemur

    3. Bailey KIRBY

      hey thomas i wont be able to join the hypeclub because my mum dosent have the money to pay so im going to take a break from watching your videos and others because im sad and i really love your videos bye

    4. Elizabeth Grigioni

      please call me

    5. Taylor Daughtry

      Michael face the whole time he’s like oh crap 💩😂😂😂💩

    6. Judy Lund

      i love the hype house

    7. random_harrypotterclips

      People who live in the UK but want to meet the hype house anyway: D:

    8. Catspiracy Theorist

      I came here cuz of Nikita. She is interesting.

    9. Arnaq tukai

      paper is fat sorry but true

    10. diyanah chavez

      I would pay money just for Thomas to go full speed in a car with me that sound freaking fun😭✋😂

    11. Spencer James

      Damn you looking jacked!!!

    12. Taylor Wofford

      I love k0vers reaction

    13. king_crip6

      This car is my dream car

    14. Mama Bear

      When he says people racing super cars in our neighborhood need to stop while he's speeding around in his neighborhood I can't lmao

    15. brooklynn white

      i love you guys

    16. Hana Attiga

      New idea if you want: fast for Ramadan like for a day and film it that will be cool

    17. Cherry’s Vlogs.

      sweet lemer - idc if am not spelling it right😭

    18. project amelia

      does it cost money for join the hype house club

    19. Olivia Crotto

      sweet lemer, wtf how do you spell that??? yassss nikittaaa

    20. Alysien Jossler

      Sweet Lemur

    21. Layla Garcia

      Me living in San Diego lol small world lol

    22. Munchies M

      Sweet lemer ?

    23. Little Been

      Sweet leemer

    24. faiza frazana

      The way Nikita change her face quickly 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    25. Mariyam Sura Zakariyya

      Sweet lemur

    26. ClownxKayla

      Man I wish I didn't have to use my phone number and pay 19$ to join hype club 💔

    27. Mari Alvarez

      BAHAHAHHA but when vinnie was in the car with thomas he was trying so hard not to make a face.

    28. mrflimflam ieiiskek

      Me you are so awesome and can I beat Alvin up because I can probably be them up even though I'm at 8 year old only going to be around 10 when you give me a but yeah can I

    29. Jordann Owings

      sweet lemur

    30. Zap Zap ZOMBIEE

      Once a man always a man Nikita I mean Nick.

    31. Macie Hall


    32. Alyssa Alexander

      can you do a video on the Hype House channel?

    33. Abi Bacon

      When you dont have a referral code

    34. Juan Flores


    35. Pualani Estocado

      Sweet leamer

    36. Nyeem Arroyo

      Flying them out?To meet ppl in the hype house?we all know everyone’s gonna feen for Vinnie💀

    37. Anastashia McKay

      okay but like the new car sounds amazing

    38. Yazmin Frutero

      Sweet Lemur

    39. Joelle Banzuela

      Someone: cAn i gET aN oWa OwA??? pOp A cHocKY miLk Me: 7:08

    40. Leilani

      Sweet lemur

    41. delilah

      i wish i could join the hype club but i can’t afford it..😐

    42. Kim Hernandez

      plsssss if i was in the car i would def tell thomas to speed up more

    43. Mariam Kshem

      Sweet Lemur!

    44. Fahmida Showkat

      i really wanna like join hype club but like i have strict parents and like I really wanna i just cant and I kinda feel left out but ima save upppppp and be on my best behavior. AHH FUCK I ALWAYS FOR GET IM BROKE

    45. Mar Bord

      I love kouvr's reaction 😅☺️

    46. Jayden H

      I wonder who the people are who have been driving the super cars.

    47. Mid City

      Damn bro u feel tf off ur literally losing subs instead of gaining

    48. Robert Downey

      Your views are dropping hehe

    49. Mikayla Shelton

      Sweet lemur

    50. Rayden Wheeler

      I do t have a credit card

    51. mayla beckhorn

      ALSO " sweet limier"

    52. mayla beckhorn

      this makes me laugh so hard and all your other videos do

    53. Ana Gonzalez


      1. Clare Montiglio


    54. Ana Gonzalez


      1. Clare Montiglio


    55. Naya Alsayyed

      I wish I can do my hypeclub but I can because I am always working and I don’t have money at this time


      honestly so dumb how we have to pay to be in the club

    57. Maryam Ashraf

      Sweet leemer

    58. Layla_Limelight

      sweet lemur

    59. Cash


    60. Teena Villagomez

      Comment below Sweet lemurs

    61. Denise Williams-Dean

      I thought Thomas and Mia broke up

    62. FnTrooper

      micheal’s face😂😂😂

    63. Gabby Bieringer

      i want to join but i have no phone number to use ughhhhh

    64. Beauty and the Beast

      Kouvers the best lol

    65. Karina Gallagher

      thomas is litterly logan paul

    66. Tiani Paranthoiene

      Does it cost money

    67. Alexander Wells

      You should get a long strip of road so you can do that with no cops

    68. Sheila Miranda

      that cost money i’m poor

    69. Coco Quinn Shorts

      Sweet lemur

    70. Liam Lancaster

      Nikita sounds like a dude

    71. tyler Fraser

      The energy in this video is IMMACULATE!!!!

    72. Adeeqa Iqbal

      Hi.can u ignore ur girlfriend for 24hours and see how she reacts

    73. jose cedeno

      Why do I have to pay for it?

    74. hanna vert

      lmao me and Vinny have the same reaction to fast cars

    75. BCHyper

      Get a Wide Body for the lambo

    76. Larray. Sparxs

      I’m so sorry Thomas and hypehouse I love you all but I don’t have enough money to pay that. I will always watch the vids though!

    77. Liam Lancaster

      Nikita looks so much like a man

    78. Mackenzie Samways

      I want to FaceTime the hype house and tell all of them that they are amazing! And I want to tell Kouvr that I look up to her she’s amazing and I will always want to meet Kouvr! ❤️🥺

    79. DOM THE BOM

      Bruh how much money you got bro ? Jeeez

    80. Chelsi Boone

      I would be like kouvr

    81. Ewurama Osei

      sweet lemur

    82. Alida Ruja

      My crying bc I’m never gonna get noticed. By my idols 😭😒

      1. Javier Jimenez


    83. Elisabeth Barbeau

      I just wish that i can meet the hype house

    84. Áine O'Driscoll

      My mind: the hype club is probably money 💰 Me editing: idk if it is or not but I’m not making an account just to see then 🤣😂😂😂

    85. Cire H

      don't want nikita in the vlogs

    86. Luz Smets

      Its anoyying that we have to pay for the club thingy

    87. gaming with charlene

      Sweet leamer

    88. Emma

      his car costs more than my house lol

    89. Nick McLean

      I thought it was a only fans

    90. Sahara Riley

      Sweet Weemer

    91. Madeline Blanchard

      Vinnies face the whole car dride: 😳

    92. Amie Marshall

      Once again Nikita isn't wearing a mask.

    93. João levine


    94. João levine


    95. João levine


    96. Beerus

      Trade vinnie the fuck boy for Tony and ondreaz

    97. Beerus

      Damn we need Tony and Ondreaz back

    98. Munchies M

      So I was signing up but I don’t have a phone number I only have an email

    99. Jayda Palavra

      Love you guys I'm a big fan

    100. Mark Wiley

      Im a big car guy and im 13 I would have been like. Thomas.....floor it