Mia Said Yes!

Thomas Petrou

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    Mia Said Yes!
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    1. Katie poo Porter

      Make the hype house a hotel

    2. krimo krimo

      Is mia said an arab girl can u answer me Actuly i am arab girl and i love u all 🇩🇿❤❤❤

    3. K_BeAr- K

      Cheese puff!🤪 Cheese puff? 🥺 Cheese puffs!!!!!😎

    4. lillyy a.

      I clicked faster then ever, then i saw a comment saying " it's a promise ring. "

    5. Neat S


    6. Katlyn Norman

      wait but emily is literaly so pretty

    7. Keira Yazzie

      Me knowing it was a promise ring because if they were married and Mia wanted something Mia would say get it for me or we are getting a divorce.

    8. Jada Mishana Shinn Saunders

      Her: He’s probably cheating Him: 4:01 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. Shania Castro


    10. Rakesh Purohitwar

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    11. Faisal Annur

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    12. Jessica Hanson

      It’s funny why is Calvin drinking smart water. He’s just getting dumber by the second! He’s never going to get smart!😆😆😆

    13. Jordan Kesson

      Cheese puff

    14. Kristen Ennis

      R we not gonna talk about the painting of Micheal

    15. Hailey Marie

      Cheese puff

    16. Aubrey Reeves

      Cheese something I dont know what she said lol

    17. When are we gonna get a new house tour

    18. Luscious Lemons

      I don't know why I just don't like Vinnie he is kinda mean :(

    19. Nikki Strong

      so he says stuff about bryces content but he’s showing his kid viewers that gambling looks fun which will make them wanna do it

    20. Grace Huynh

      I looked at this vid and was like Me: :0 HE PROPOSED And then i looked at the start and i was so sad

    21. Munchies M

      Cheese puffs

    22. Munchies M

      Keep on messing with him

    23. Munchies M

      Yay Michael’s friends are back!

    24. Darlene Castro

      “Cheese puffs” Thomas: we are not married “yet” Mia: 😐

    25. Rachelle Rowland

      they are engaged and it was not a promise ring he did it off camera um Mia hay wards friend

    26. Celine Clerico

      Cheese puff

    27. Kodie Kode

      Cheese puff hehe

    28. Madison B

      Cheese puff

    29. Sara B

      that was a stupid click bait just saying

    30. Mariah Raitter


    31. Maite Barberena

      there's so much testosterone i can't

    32. Human The Human

      One time I got 41.600 then the unluck came (it was fake and on discord)

    33. Softieditz

      Lemme just go get my tub of ice cream and sob BC IT WASN'T A ENGAGEMENT RING

    34. Laura Velasquez

      Cheese puff

    35. Marifer Armendariz

      It looks like Machel is gay I don't know why I think that

    36. Haylie Arreguin

      Calvin:”I left mines in my car to” Me: he has a car now🤨

    37. zoi plavoukos

      cheese puffs

    38. Tvdlove_5

      Wait wait wait wait What! ✋ is this real?🥳😂😁😁😁😁😁👏🥺

    39. Lilly Muchiri

      Cheese puffs

    40. Charlotte Cardoza

      Well I hope they get in eagle

    41. Brianna Jones

      Cheese puff

    42. Ava Frost 2024

      Cheese Puff

    43. Jayne Helene

      alternate title: watching young men geek over online gambling

    44. tyler Fraser

      When is Thomas going to post a new vid???

    45. tiktokmashup

      Plz tell me I weren't the only one staring at nick

    46. tiktokmashup

      I swear I watch all the videos nick is in to see him simle and he makes me laugh

    47. Ok Queen

      Thomas in every video : 😨

    48. Vee Murugan

      YALL HAVE TO WATCH ANNA OPPS VID FROM 3 weeks ago IT Talks about how Thomas is a.......OK u just got to see

    49. ellis marcus

      idk if it’s js me but mia does not look like she likes thomas at all

    50. Avery Ward

      Hi Micheal I LOVE YOU FuCk YoUr FrIeNdS I’m talking about those two dudes

    51. Jocelin Arredondo

      Cheese puff

    52. hanan kaekiza

      Click bait

    53. Laura Styless

      Cheese puff?

    54. Damian Subrayen

      Cheese puff

    55. isa

      i thought yall where getting married

    56. Branddon Avelar20

      Are Mia and Thomas brother and sister please tell me

    57. Evelyn Sue

      You should post more with Nick and chase

    58. Cinthya Contreras

      Who else watches brat lol if you do

      1. Cinthya Contreras

        I mean like 😂

    59. Kiari Douglas

      who else clicked on this video and thought Thomas was proposing until the seen before the video started

    60. Luna Ciarrocca

      cheese puff

    61. soof belletje


    62. Coco Quinn Shorts

      “Cheese puff” Thank you so so so much for bringing back the 8 minute videos love you! 💕

    63. MiiGo

      I'm waiting for new video plz hurry up I can't wait for new video

    64. Ava Clark

      Cheese puff

    65. Celine Clerico


    66. Chxr hawaii

      1:11 i watch it at 2 AM and I farted at whole house

    67. lucy olivia

      please this is so cute😫

    68. Victora Johnson

      God bless!

    69. Abby Lepper


    70. Danielle Percival

      Cheese puffs

    71. princess aurora

      Hi where did you get your jacket

    72. Alessandra Garcia Splinker Π

      "No, we're not engaged YET"

    73. Addison Rae

      Omggg is nick

    74. Madeleine Ward

      they should get married

    75. Maya Evans


    76. Wolf Blood

      Cheese Puff

    77. jess_mangoz

      Thomas it’s Monday

    78. Mishel Kerenxhi

      cheese puff

    79. Nikita Howard

      Hi Thomas you probably won’t reply but I said seems you’ve got hype cars now I think you guys should do a Hoody and shirts where it says hype and then a picture of a car and then coming out of the muffler a S

    80. Faith Brown

      Nick is 20 right and he had vape in his hand is the gambling part of the fid and in California you have to be 21 years old to get one

    81. Kiela Rocha

      chese puffs

    82. Celene Hoang

      why do i kinda ship vinnie and micheal

    83. Chelsea Stocks


    84. Mia Farris

      Cheese puff

    85. Ramzess

      clickbate yleooo

    86. Silvia Odobescu

      Nick is cute🥺♥️

    87. p_o_o_p

      Cheese puffs

    88. Levi Ackermen


    89. Anais Bhullar

      cheese puffs

    90. Dragonxx

      Omg lm so proud of nick love to see him happy

    91. Jyotsana Mahesh

      " cheese puffs " thought you guys were engaged but it'd be great if you were ,I love you 😍 and your vlogs so much 💗 , mia looked so pretty

    92. Bode Miller

      Cheese puff

    93. Xavi Gonzales

      Mia looks SO GOOD IN THAT OML so good she did great with that outfit

    94. Samantha s

      U got me excited... and for what? 😪 congrats tho still

    95. Teena Villagomez

      Cheese puff🧀🧀🧀

    96. kk moore

      i rlly thought...

    97. Little Been

      Cheese puff


      is it it just me or would Michel and Vinney make a cute couple

    99. Adrienne Sellars

      “Doesn’t faze me homie! I’m in a diaper”

    100. Addison Wester

      (Thomas) Mia has ganes (Also Thomas) can nearly fit his hand around her arm