it got cancelled...

Thomas Petrou

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    it got cancelled...
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    1. Precious A.

      Only people here for premiere can like

      1. Kinlee Layne

        I’m here boo!

      2. Precious A.

        @Elizabeth m I mean I am gonna watch it it's not there fault they didn't choose Netflix Netflix chose them

      3. Elizabeth m

        @Precious A. u will lmfao everyone already planned on not watching it and giving it a thumbs down lmao

      4. Precious A.

        @Vanlalrinpuii Pachuau for what?

      5. Vanlalrinpuii Pachuau

        @Precious A. o now u too afraid to comment

    2. The HydroFlight Show

      WOW, who’s the guy on the FLYBOARD. 😤

    3. Macey Sawkins

      This is not a joke

    4. T. F.

      GOOD NEWS Imagine standing in front of a judge, guilty, you committed a crime. The judge is about to send you to prison for life but this person comes in and takes all the blame for what you have done. "There is evidence" , there is evidence that YOU commited that crime but this man bails you out and takes your place. He takes your life sentence, all the things you would have gone through in prison, He willingly does it for YOU because He cares for You. He is giving you a second chance. Jesus is like that, He took OUR place, our punishment, and took all of it because of our mistakes. He died for the sins of humanity so that humanity can be at peace with the judge, God. BUT. He rose again, He defeated death. The life sentence ENDED, alongside yours and everyone else's and He came out victorious. Death has been beaten. "Believe in me" - that's it. I invite you to get to know the guy who took your punishment, your sins and follow Him by turning away from whatever sin (so you make sure you don't end up in prison again 😅) and by also spreading this message of freedom to the world. Thank you for reading and for your precious time 💖

    5. Hotfries

      Don’t waste your time skip to 6:30

    6. Giselle Gomez

      i feel like the show will lowkey be kinda bomb i just want to see nailea in it

    7. Jordan L

      "So this is Hunter Kowald I'm going to link all his stuff in description" goes to description.... ....only links to Thomas socials..

    8. Ivanka Gunadasa

      I’m waiting for this show 🤩

    9. FUCKIE


    10. Hjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala

      It’s canceled

    11. Mohammad Athar Aulia Idison Djaja

      a blessing from the lord

    12. Giuliana’s toca world

      As soon as I saw the title I ☆ celebrating

    13. hi

      oh heck nah now it’s gonna be worse 💀

    14. mazia ram

      no cuz the title got me excited

    15. Ron Weasley

      “The show is about who we are as people.” No one cares.

    16. iiiascnpcks

      Y is this still a thing- I thought we left the “hype house” in 2019

    17. Brianna F.

      “Shut up little ninja boy” that was so funny when kouvr said that

    18. billielovesyou

      6:28 !

    19. Allison OD

      I got so many old vlogs vibes from this......I definitely wasn’t sad!!!

    20. Daniel De Barros

      I saw the title and thought the reality show got canceled. I was like Yesssss!

    21. m snoussi

      Am i the only one who's excited for the Netflix show

    22. sss ooo

      5:36 Mia: "they're besties" Thomas: "We all know what "besties" means" Chase and Charli back together confirmed? :o

    23. Chacha and braddison fp

      Can't wait for the Netflix Show!!!!!!!!

    24. Arianna Johnson

      I feel bad for the people who believe this show took away their favorite show.... Because Thomas as a point the hype house will be under reality TV, and last time I checked The society, and all the shows you guys are complaining about aren't under the same subject. Also there is something called a contract....maybe look into that

    25. mystiiqsmiles

      Wait i was actually excited

    26. y j

      I'm actually really excited about the show.

    27. DeNaya H


    28. Scvrlet jess

      Sooo when is the show coming out

    29. Dina Wold Knutsen


    30. Edgar Contreras

      I wished it did get canceled cause I don’t think they deserve to have their own show. 🙄

    31. Mia

      Wannabe vlog squad

    32. Alivia Walsh


    33. Fly on The wall


    34. Ricky Salas

      Go to fkn mtv dufuq

    35. Harper Chicken

      God damnit

    36. Krishan Ramsaroop

      shut up lil ninja boy

    37. Ethanelk gaming

      I thought Shane Dawson came back to DEfasts from the thumbnail

    38. Jonah Snyder


    39. Paola Navarrete

      White people...

    40. Sofya


    41. Elijah Plushie Gaming Productions

      I knew that all of this shit was a joke I knew it all along why would a group of teenagers derserve a own show that is so problematic they shouldn't deserve anything.

    42. Mariami Mirinashvili

      Can you filled Bryce room with Addisons pictures it will be fun plss 🥺🥺if someone agree pls like

    43. Mish Creates

      OMG Cant waitttt for the showw!!

      1. Anessa Martinez


    44. Kameryn Sam

      You can ask Hulu.😎I mean ☺️

    45. Zoey Alvarez

      ok i got te hype house murch like 3 days ago

    46. Erica Play’s

      Good lol

    47. Kristen Ennis

      but like imagine if u have a tv show about ur life like it’s lite

    48. julissa

      ima need more vinnie and nai content their friendship is elite ngl

    49. Arshida A

      I really enjoy watching your vlogs

    50. Honey_Roblox_ X



      its fine i waiting for the you'll to be on netflix don't feel about what others say

    52. AshDestroyer123

      Honestly if you're hating then I think it just should leave because if you don't like their content then why are you watching it and why are you commenting on it makes no sense

    53. Kinlee Layne

      Thomas I have a question..... do you know what the show is going to be rated??

    54. Layla Richardson


    55. ItzAuddy!


    56. Brooke Haena


    57. Tea Simon

      TikTok & Insta : tea__smn ❤️ Have a nice day 😘

    58. Lynna Dennis

      When is it coming out

    59. Maria Shaikh

      Hype house ?????? Where’s the hype bruh

      1. Maria Shaikh

        @cyborg Jr sway has the sway with hype

      2. cyborg Jr

        Sway house where's the sway

    60. Sydney Liddle

      Will the show be available on Canadian Netflix tho?

    61. Ava Ramey

      Actually Can't Wait For The Netflix Show!!!

    62. iiCoffee donutii

      I can’t wait for the Netflix show!

    63. Henry Mason

      I love kouvr in her oddie lol 😂 xx

    64. Henry Mason

      I love kouvr and her attitude lol 😂 xxx

    65. Katerina Clark

      You don't deserve Netflix!!!

    66. Bernice Bock

      I am so happy 😂😂yes yes and do do not make the Netflix show plz xoxo losers😂😂😂

    67. Jack Lauterbach

      Every single one of you guys did something....

    68. Aly Nichole

      Honestly can’t wait for the show on Netflix!!

    69. Benjoe Birung

      I don’t wanna watch the vlog I’d just get dizzy, can someone tell me if the show is canceled or not

    70. Rose_ chan_

      Mia is so cute ♡

    71. Olivia Hyams

      So it is not about Calvin,Michael,Patrick and papper being crackheads

    72. ninney Martínez


      1. Agatka Cudrakova


    73. Bethany H

      my fav part kover be like shutup little ninja boy

    74. Cora johnson

      Love how Michel is scared of everyone

    75. Francis Sampson

      bruh u guys hating on them but yall cant do this ever and the fact that he was honest onhow much time he took just to make another of his dream come true the ppl sobbing are just jelous

    76. Khalanna Hadley

      Don’t have to make me feel bad for hating the idea of this show

    77. Kerlyn Nigli

      How do ppl judge the show even when it hasn't come out yet?!??!?!!?! Like u haven't even see it!

    78. Keira Larrabee

      I love you all so much 💓 stay amazing ❣️

    79. Lulu Polu

      Yay it got canceled Netflix would be bad if the hype house was their

    80. Daisy Cheresposy

      I am happy for you guys I love you guys

    81. jess riley

      YOOOO IM EXCITED FOR THE SHOW, the haters are just jealous you made it and they havent and wont!!!

    82. Sophia Rangel

      i love how every one is scared of kovor idk if that’s how u spell it

    83. Kassi Gibson

      I can’t wait for the show already have it added to my list. I’m so happy for you guys!

    84. anushka sharma

      can’t wait for the hype house show!!!!!!

    85. Michelle Lopez


    86. Julia Summers

      AHhH so excited 🤩

    87. Andreya Lockett

      Why kouvr be acting like a child .

    88. Layla YouKnowMe

      Yayyyyy it’s coming

    89. Evelyn I’m not telling you my last name


    90. Zahli Hossler

      Is it available in Australia

    91. Asteroid lemon

      King of click bait

    92. Scarlett Salter

      I can’t believe it got canceled

    93. Darcey WEBB

      'I feel bad that your that dumb' - Thomas 😂


      I literally choked on my water at 6:14 I almost died

    95. Coco Quinn Shorts

      Thomas cracked me up when he said: “I feel bad that your that dumb.” BAHAHAHAHAHAHA But it’s true-

    96. KirstyMarieShreeve

      So excited to finally have something good to watch on Netflix 💛

    97. sway hype jerseytrio more fann

      I didn't realize how much I missed Mia beating up Michael its been a while lol😂

    98. Anastashia McKay

      i’m so excited for the show

    99. Melissa Beck

      Im so happy that your show is coming out

    100. winterrific

      removed sabrina just for some boring bitches? i don't even know who half of the cast is on the hype shit show