He Moved Out...

Thomas Petrou

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    He Moved Out...
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    1. Angelique Rodriguez

      Wait did u guys not see that puff in Alex’s hang when they were talking about he following thing lol

    2. MagicMuffin

      i thought vinnie moved out LOL

    3. Shania Castro


    4. Ava Rizo

      Real life bumper cars AMAZING

    5. Lauren Thompson

      real life bumper cars 😌

    6. Pauline nilars

      can u please make a really looooooooooong vid of u, Vinnie and Michael reading fanfics?

    7. Natalya Garcia

      Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pls say hi to me my name is Natalya

    8. Misdayanti Sari

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    9. Jayla

      Vinnie:“Shut up im trying to talk to my dad!” Thomas: *walks over to him* Also Thomas: “Hi dad!”

    10. Hailey Marie

      Purple crayon

    11. Viviana Anzalotta

      purple crayon

    12. AJ Springs

      wait who moved out

    13. McKinley Samaniego

      purple crayon

    14. Sara B

      and who moved out? im confused

    15. Sara B


    16. Mylissa Swain

      Purple crayon

    17. elizabeth

      purple crayon

    18. ROBLOX VID'S

      purple crayon

    19. Ava Frost 2024

      Purple crayon

    20. Gracie

      Purple crayon

    21. Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

      "Purple crayon."

    22. Isabelle Lewis

      ayo my name's izzy 😏

    23. Luluwah AlGhalib

      purple crayon

    24. Preston Scott

      6:33 who is she

    25. Hope Tui

      Pruple crane

    26. Lena Johnson

      Am I the only one who thought it said “WE moved out” I was thinking like u guys just moved in

    27. Rose Akoto

      awww kouvr's face

    28. Janet Amezcua

      Purple crayon

    29. The dude Dude’s

      Most interesting vlog yet

    30. Camila Hernandez

      Purple crayon

    31. Ann shiya jose

      Purple crayon

    32. Rahaf Edhah

      The white car after 9 months:🤰🏻


      What’s even Thomas with ought clickbate

    34. Isabella LeRoy

      Blue cray and on

    35. Isabella LeRoy


    36. levina

      micheal: "shes petting me whats wrong"

    37. Shona

      Hi guys 🙋🏾‍♀️God loves you🕊 Jesus is coming back soon be ready ✝️spread this message so more people will know I love God 😙God loves you so much give him your Life he’s got the best plan for you God loves you and so do I🤍 God bless you✝️

    38. Jahzara Smith

      Blue cryan

    39. Alex Koenig

      Purple crayon

    40. Camila Guillen Diaz

      Purple crayon

    41. Hennessy Serrano

      Purple crayon 💜

    42. idk;w; UnU

      No I am going to miss her

    43. illeonna bowden


    44. mr.monster sayson

      Purple crayon

    45. Andrew Hinman

      That bumper car is so dangerous

    46. Charli Anais

      Purple crayons Y’all are so funny I legit wish I could move with you guys

    47. chase lover

      Purple crayon

    48. elex4390 elex4390

      Purple crayon

    49. Taylor

      I miss the old hype house 🥺🥺

    50. zac klein

      cray fuckin on

    51. Josie Whithead

      Purple crayon

    52. Ritika and Rashika Verma

      Purple crayon

    53. Kailyn Berkley

      not me and Michael having matching leggings

    54. Raixndropx

      Purple crayon 💜🖍

    55. Jashua Suit

      Cra fucking yon

    56. its binnie

      Hi I know you are never gonna see this but worth a shot I’m just gonna put the fact out there that you have made my turn my frown upside down and since my parents are split I have separation with my mum so thank you, your biggest fan Emily

    57. madison belden


    58. Neftali Alaniz

      purple crayon but PS vinnie and Micheal best duo ever

    59. Jvcklive

      It sux how I dont even got a car and they are destroying cars like Danny Duncan that stuff ain't cool. Some of us dont even got homes or cars and we live in the real world. Hope y'all help people instead

    60. Michelle Olivar

      Purple crayon

    61. Butterfly Blixes

      Purple crayon!

    62. Aleksandra Dabkevičė

      purple crayon

    63. Elena hadizadeh

      Connor why are you so fat

    64. Daisy Gillett

      purple crayon? thomas has really run out of ideas lol

    65. Marcella Mendoza

      Purple crayon

    66. Kortney Holker


    67. Ryani’s Kingdom

      Purple crayon?? Tf I am confused

    68. Jessica Rodrigues

      purple crayon

    69. Matilda and Willow

      purple crayon

    70. Lindsay Hall

      Michael’s smile always makes me nervous 😳

    71. Jordann Owings

      purple crayon

    72. Tenley Hull

      purple crayon

    73. Tenley Hull

      purple crayon love your vids sooo much big fan of you guys and i am whering a hype house sweter

    74. Diana

      "purple crayon"

    75. Keke Styles • WHY DON’T WE

      I would love to live a day being Thomas

    76. Leighton Williams

      vinnie and micheal = best couple make calvin get a girlfreind

    77. Kira’s corner

      Anyone else want to know who was singing in the background

    78. Solar Eclipse

      purple crayon

    79. Madden Messer

      puruple craon

    80. Amanda Rosas

      The car after you trying tho flip it over🤰🏻🤱🏻🙇🏻‍♀️

    81. Ann Margaret Peel

      Everyone- why did we think Vinnin move out Me-why are they hitting each other with cars😂😂

    82. Jozlynne Soule

      purple crayon

    83. Alyson Bostrom

      Purple crayon

    84. Rose Vasquez

      Purple crayon I can I type but I cannot have it because I have nails on so

    85. Kayla J

      Purple Crayon

    86. Lailana Gosman

      purple crayon

    87. lacey Zirfas

      Kouvrs face😘

    88. Bailey Blevins

      I genuinely enjoy their content but I just can’t get behind buying 3 vehicles in the middle of a pandemic just to wreck them, while there are thousands of people who can’t even afford groceries right now.

    89. Miranda Avarado ramos

      Instead of Jane the virgin it is Calvin the virgin

    90. Lilley Suarez

      Cool bumper cars😄

    91. maria.s

      why do these rich as people dress like they are homeless?

    92. Tasmine Cattron

      purple crayon

    93. Genesis Umanzor

      i don't know what to say so purple crayon

    94. Keira Sum

      Purple crayFUCKINGon

    95. Alysien Jossler

      Purple crayon

    96. Tere Longe

      thomas: says this a terrible idea at least a million times also thomas: proceeds to do it

    97. Allisson Aguilera


    98. Anna Bana

      We miss the old hype house.I want it back😞

    99. addi malone

      awww kouver:(

    100. lexie martin

      purple crayon lol