Filling Vinnie's Room With Pictures Of Nailea!

Thomas Petrou

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    Filling Vinnie's Room With Pictures Of Nailea!
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    1. Noah Banuelos

      hi Thomas i know people or you are gunna think i'm not knew but i really am that's why i'm so late on this

    2. Gianna Butler

      ive always watched alexs videos but now i started watching and i subscribed love this.

    3. Sienna 4

      Angry vegetable

    4. Spill the tea

      I feel so bad for the person that sent that ice thing

    5. Spill the tea

      there going tO be drama cause of what tomus said

    6. ana ochoa

      I’m a new subscriber

    7. a girl who likes kpop

      The first and only video I’ll watch from this guy

    8. Ariana A

      not me re-watching bc i miss them 🤨

    9. Ari Thornton

      “Comment down below angry vegetable”

    10. JJ. Kaylah

      I’m a new subscriber plzz send me 💵

    11. Kennedy Murrell

      new subscriber

    12. sassy amazeballs

      Person: spends hours making ice sculpture Them: chucks it off the side of a mountain.

    13. deleted account

      Omg do Blake’s room with pics of Amelie and bryces room with pics of addi and Josh’s room with pics of nessa

    14. Jayda Brown

      Am I the only one who does not ship them

    15. Savxge sis

      Mia was so rude to Nai.

    16. Sapkar Ronya


    17. Sophia Lopez

      I am a new subscriber

    18. Yanna Cargo

      Angry vegetable

    19. Cole Reida

      New subscriber

    20. Selma Benabdelmoumene


    21. Leah Roonie

      new sub !! xx

    22. Alina Cordova

      Did nai move into the hype house?? Pls tell me!!!

      1. Shambhavi shivkumar


    23. Salty Lemon

      Tanya and Michael💜💙💚

    24. dziari jones

      New Subscriber GANG 😌😌


      This was on my b-day so didn't watch it till April. why I am so lonley

    26. Aubrey Copenhaver

      Fill nailhead room with pictures of vinnie

    27. Jess Vid

      new subscriber here!

    28. Marinelys Camilo

      ok but u don't need to feel peoples room with pictures of people we ship for clip bait its not even funny at all anymore

    29. Winter storm

      ima new one UwU

    30. Your favorite boy

      2:46 Adrien Agreste Vibes

    31. Lila Bailey

      The person who sent the ice after watching this:😢😭

    32. Ninna Tahm


    33. Luciana Nieto

      wai du u hav a thausend fotos of mi??

    34. Kimberly Jimenez

      i’m a new subscriber!

    35. caroline pacifico

      mia is jealous of nai it’s obvious

    36. Milica karadžić

      bro the person took the time tp make that and did it so good and vinnie trhew it

    37. Vanessa Priscilla


    38. Bana Zayed

      We all know that Vinnie has feelings for nai

    39. emma krecko

      im a new subscriber

    40. Jimmy 501

      man tiktokers are stupid as hell dude

    41. Jimmy 501

      how is this a fucking prank

    42. S Nation

      Okay now we need fillings nai room of pictures of vinnie

    43. papanani

      am i the only one who thought he looked like Oli London in the thumbnail

    44. It’s just Jamz

      I resized I have been watching you for a couple year and I have not Subscribed yet (oof)

    45. Anjali Ghanta


    46. Aven Joss


    47. Hjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala

      Vinnies like; I shoulda joined the sway boys.

    48. Bubblegum brain

      They’re so disrespectful and disgusting for what

    49. Lyla Flippo

      the fact that their names combined is "vinnai" is killing me

    50. Pickle Cactus

      I swear Vinnie really doesn't enjoy being with them. He is gng to leave soon

    51. Kathrine Kirch

      Fill nais room whit pic of vinnie

    52. cait

      i love how real they are and didn’t pretend that he wasn’t in the room lmfao 😭😭

    53. Sara Aaldering

      I am a New subscriber

    54. Evangelina Cardenas

      why lay with the pictures when you could be laying with the real thing

    55. Cutie Aesthetics

      Why did I just stop watching him-

    56. jojo lopez

      I'm a new subscriber

    57. Cow Moo

      I’m a new subscriber ❤️

    58. Gemma Greer

      im new

    59. RayserFN_YT

      ima old subcriber

    60. AKH_ray


    61. Sadinah Rafael

      Nai's vibe is different

    62. Fatima Youssef

      can u do one is nai room with vinnie

    63. glycel taborada

      i love them as a couple

    64. Rianne Bentley

      New sub :)

    65. Aesthetic

      Bro.... Mia was hella rude to NAI..😤

    66. Nerija Kanapkaite

      fill nai's room w vinnies pictures

    67. Keira Kim

      mia was being so mean to nai

    68. Aanya

      vinnie and nai definitely have chemistry but maybe pushing them to be together is going to force them to either rebel and stop being friends altogether or pretend they're in a relationship for the constant pleading and shipping to stop. im not saying that yall cant ship them together, but turn the crazy down a little 😭

    69. Layla Weaver

      When a video about nia and vinnie becomes your most veiwed video in about 2 months lol!

    70. Ava Frost 2024

      Angry vegetable

    71. Fanpage With Me

      I don’t think Mai likes nai

    72. Sana

      This is for clout, sorry to break it to y’all they don’t like each other as much as you want them to date you can’t force it. She genuinely looks uncomfortable too

    73. Jade Beaut

      They all want clout and are selfish

    74. Roni Trixie

      Pleaseee moreeee nailea and vinnie content !!!!!

    75. Simply_Sunny110

      Thomas: in vemoing new subscribers 😌 Everyone: I’m a new subscriberrrrr 😅

    76. Hater Bae

      mia is jealous of nai idc

    77. Angie McCartney

      New subscriber.

    78. Dominique Johnson

      I'm a new subscriber

    79. leyla kim

      new sub 💗

    80. CassySevilla

      Angry vegtable

    81. Tanya Ibarra

      New subscriber here✨

    82. Ariana 7

    83. streets1_

      why does he move the camera so much omg😭😭

    84. Tiffani Sarver

      I'm newww 😍😍😍

    85. Lili Cookies

      When he does this to most people they get together

    86. Teena Villagomez

      Angry vegetables 🥑🥑🥑

    87. Jenely Baez

      New subscriber❤️❤️❤️❤️

    88. Aesthetics by Lauren

      We all know Thomas is using vinnie for clout since there irrelevant

    89. Rani Joshi

      im a new subscriber😆🤘

    90. I stole Jungkook's Banana Milk

      People legit don't know how best friends act omg yall calm down

    91. It’s DaisyV

      I came here from her tiktok

    92. Xara MacLaine

      Okay but you should do it on nai’s room

    93. Nikita Howard

      Fill Michael’s room with pictures of Olivia

    94. Christine Mae Felicia Arcillas

      Vinnai shippers where you at?

    95. cRxNkLys

      filling micheals room with pics of vinnies

    96. Dalandan Dan dan


    97. Hi Everyone

      New here

    98. Brooklynn Faulkner

      Turns out they’re friends with bennys

    99. angelica

      hype house too white for nai 💀

    100. Sofia Santos

      vinnie reminds me of ashton kutcher..